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Very well, if Xa-Tul shall not know this zombie's name, then Xa-Tul shall call this zombie Fool. Is Fool ready to do battle with Xa-Tul?
-Xa-Tul to Gameknight999 in Trouble in Zombie-Town

Xa-Tul the zombie king, is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, having a Zombie Horse. Like all zombies, he speaks in third-person.

Trouble in Zombie-Town

Xa-Tul was created by Herobrine to be the new zombie king. Xa-Tul destroyed the old zombie leader in a zombie-town,then he set off to track Gameknight999. When Gameknight changed himself to a zombie, he did not know the User-that-is-not-a-User challenged him to fight. He soon battled Gameknight to a sword duel, and Gameknight won. Just when Xa-Tul was about to die, Herobrine teleported to him and both of them retreated.

Last Stand on the Ocean Shore

Xa-Tul's punishment of lava burnings ended, and Herobrine gave him a zombie horse, warning him that failure would not be tolerated. He then met up with the other kings: Feyd, Charybdis,and Reaper. They formed the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He later battled Gameknight999 but Gameknight escaped. Then he sent his army along with the other kings in the Last Battle on the Ocean Shore. After Herobrine was defeated, Xa-Tul retreated with the other kings.

Saving Crafter

He and Feyd tried to capture Gameknight and company at the stronghold, but the NPCs escaped into the End. When he and Feyd tried to follow, they ended up being trapped there. It is unclear how he escaped.

Destruction of the Overworld

Xa-Tul, Feyd, and Reaper tried to help Herobrine, in dragon form, destroy Gameknight and Crafter's Village. However, the mission failed.

Gameknight999 vs. Herobrine

Xa-Tul, Feyd, and Reaper tried to recapture Herobrine's XP, and fought in the Last Battle in the Nether. After losing, Xa-Tul was teleported back to Zombie-Town.

System Overload

Xa-Tul gathered as many zombies as he could, hoping to crash the server. He believed that the monsters would live, and the NPCs would die if he succeeded. Feyd learned of his plan and helped Gameknight kill Xa-Tul by trapping him in a portal.

Appearance and Personality

He is a giant zombie, and wears a golden crown. He has the "strength of five zombies and the speed of ten". He is also very arrogant.



  • Xa-Tul, as Herobrine mentions in Trouble in Zombie-Town, is the name of an ancient zombie. Crafter later says to Gameknight, that Xa-Tul was the leader of zombies during the great zombie invasion.
    • This is likely an oversight, as the zombie leader in the great zombie invasion was Vo-Lok †.
  • Xa-Tul also retains the memories of the zombies used to create him.
  • Xa-Tul was the longest-living one of the Four Horseman, because both Charybdis and Reaper died before him, and while Xa-Tul was killed at the same time as Feyd.

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