Zombies are some of the monsters of Minecraft. They look like average cartoon zombies; green skin, black eyes, and tattered clothes. In the Gameknight999 Books, zombies are refered to as "greens" by the other monsters.

Habitat Edit

Zombies live in Zombie-Towns, which are huge caves with houses built by the Endermen. Because Endermen supply the blocks, they are all naturally found in the wild.

Diet Edit

Contrary to popular belief, zombies do not eat brains. Instead, they heal from HP Fountains, which replenish their HP and hunger.

Naming Process Edit

The first two letters of a zombie's name is their rank. The closter the letters are to the end of the alphabet, the higher the rank. Therefore, Ba-Jin is a lower rank while Xa-Tul is one of the best.

Notable Zombies Edit

Zombie Horses Edit

Shadow Crafters Edit

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